Mid-States Moravian Camping

Middle States Youth Ministries Committee (MSYMC)

MSYMC is a group of volunteers from the Eastern and Western Moravian Districts that supports and makes our Mid-States youth camping/event ministry happen. It is comprised of camp/event directors, lay members, a convener, treasurer, secretary, and pastors.

Here are the MSYMC members for the year 2015, and the best way to reach them should you have questions or concerns:





     Amy Keller   




Anita Watkins          

Dan Meikle          

*Darryl Bell             

Missy Martin

 Kelly Dailey            

*Kris Hasewinkle     

*Scott Minor 

Pastor Andy Kilps

Pastor Christine Johnson 




 * Denotes an Event Director. Jo Ann Keller is director for Tar Hollow; Ralph & Kris Hasewinkle for Camp Illiana; and Scott Minor for Camp Bethany.


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